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Bring money home (grey magick spell)

If you have been struggling with finances lately and are looking for ways to get out of this viscous debt circle then let me tell you magic may be the solution for your problems. There have been many who have been carving for money and have heavily benefited from these magical money spells which aids in inviting money or wealth to yourself.

If you are here looking for ways to attract wealth to your business or home, then magic and money spells can be the ideal solution for you. For performing the money spells, it best you choose Thursdays as the planet Jupiter is considered to be the one who rules over wealth. Move to the window sill and keep a piece of paper with the amount you want right now written on it. Focus on the same for about 10-15 minutes and then burn the paper. Once the ash cools, bury the same near any tree without anyone seeing you.

While you bury the ashes, it is important that you focus properly on the amount which you need as soon as possible. In addition to this you also need to enchant few lines while you bury the same. Keeping repeating the lines

“I need you soon very soon Come to me very soon Come of wealth come to come Oh [powers of universe beseech for me Oh heavenly powers listen to me Send me the amount (the amount you need say here) I pray to you Send me the amount as soon as you can”

Once you have said these line and buried the ashes, move to your room without being noticed by anyone. If you are seen by someone then you would need to perform the spell once again as this one would no longer be effective as it has been seen, so the energy and the power drains off which had been invoked by you within and outside.

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